Friday, February 14, 2014

Shannon's Sunday Morning Fly Tying Class

This Sunday morning at 9:30am, our friend Bill Ninke, will be teaching the free fly tying classes at Shannon's Fly and Tackle Shop in Califon, NJ.  He will be instructing how to tie three flies designed by well-known Montana guide, Andy Carlson.  It should be a fun, informative class. 
Purple Haze               Quigley Cripple Variant           Bitterroot Stonefly

The Flies and Techniques of Andy Carlson - Taught by Bill Ninke

Bill has fished with Andy, the legendary guide and commercial fly tyer from Hamilton MT, for 28 years. During this time, Andy has shared many of his patterns and tying techniques. In this class Bill will cover Andy’s three most famous and productive patterns emphasizing some of Andy’s and his own speed tying techniques. This will be Bill’s first class at Shannon’s but he has taught for over 30 years for Central Jersey TU and is considered that Chapter’s most innovative tyer.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Bill the guy that busts your chops about dubbing wrong?

Matt Grobert said...

Bill merely pointed out that because when a right handed tyer wraps their thread, the thread twists counter-clockwise, and therefore, they should twist their dubbing on the thread in a clockwise manner to keep it tight. It's a very good point, particularly for anyone that has trouble keeping a tight dubbing noodle.

Jon E. said...

Sorry I missed the class, would have been fun. Any chance of getting yourself or Bill to post the materials for the cripple and stonefly to your blog? I apologize in advance if this is a breach of tying etiquette.
Thanks for the post!