Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fly Fishing Show Lancaster, PA

The last of the Fly Fishing Shows will be held this weekend in Lancaster, PA, on Saturday and Sunday March 1 and 2.  We'll be there with the usual cast of characters tying flies, answering questions, harassing fellow tiers, and generally having a good time.   This show is not as big as the Somerset show, but its a lot of fun and we always enjoy seeing the folks from PA.  This year, I'm not scheduled to do any seminars as in the past, but we will be the featured fly tier, demonstrating how to tie extended body mayflies, on the big screen.   My extended body March Brown will be one of the flies demonstrated.   Click here for more information on the show: LINK 
This pattern really isn't that difficult to tie, it just takes a little more patience than a standard Catskill pattern.  When we fish this pattern, the bottom of the hackle gets clipped so it sits on the water just like the natural.  It looks very real at the end of your leader, and I have often had birds fly along and pick it up off the water surface when fishing it. 
Come on out and see us, and be sure to stop by and say hello.

Lastly, let's wish Douglas, and his friends Bryson and Rob, good luck this weekend.  They will be in Cabins, WV, competing in the first comp of the year with about 40 other anglers.  Go get 'em, boys! 
Sharpen your hooks.


Mr. Q said...

Good Luck Douglas......

Anonymous said...

How did the kid do????