Friday, April 8, 2022

Fishing This Weekend? Nope

I was hoping to post about New Jersey opening day tomorrow and the likelihood that the hendricksons would be popping, but the rivers and streams are flooded today.  It rained like crazy yesterday and last night, some rivers even hit flood stage here in the Northeast.  It looks like most will be too high to fish, and some may come down enough to fish but may be chocolate milk.  Get your weighted streamers out if you go. 

I had high hopes before last night that we would see bugs this weekend since the daffodils bloomed last week and the forsythia are in full bloom here in New Jersey.  Maybe Sunday things will settle enough, otherwise, barring any more rain, early next week should be good if you can get out. 

The wild trout streams and tributaries may be down enough to fish, so all is not lost.  Sometimes the smaller creeks and streams fish well after a good rain. 

Sharpen your hooks!