Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tying the BWO Quill Nymph

Today we have the pleasure of showing you how to tie one of Doug Freemann's favorite nymphs, the BWO Quill Nymph.  I've been on the stream with him many times when this pattern out fished every other pattern he fished that day by a wide margin.  He fishes this pattern in tandem with another nymph right down on the bottom, getting them in front of the trout's nose, and they take them like candy more often than not.

As most of you may know by now, Doug is a member of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team, and is continually practicing his craft.  In fact, he fished this past weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, ignoring the freezing temperatures and catching fish on both days.   Here's a nice wild brown he took on Saturday.

As for myself, I stayed home; it's just too warm for me to fish this time of the year...... 
Sharpen your hooks.  


CMartino said...

Hey Matt,

If Doug was on the Little Lehigh on Sunday with two buddies, I think I saw him and would be curious how he did.

Did he use this fly?

And congrats on your grandson! You must be extremely happy!

Mr. Q said...

Nice bug, Doug.
see what I did there?

Doug Freemann said...

That was us, we might have been acting a little silly so I apologize if we disrupted your fishing. That said we did quite well, I did catch fish on the fly and actually do well on it everywhere. Try it with a natural quill body too, both are deadly. See fish below..


Matt Grobert said...

Chris, Thank you, I am thrilled! It's very exciting, and Doug and I are already looking forward to teaching Henley to fly fish, and tie flies with 6/0 olive thread.

CMartino said...

No worries Doug. I wasn't catching anything, so you weren't bothering anything! :)

I was the guy that walked past, when the three of you were fishing under the Route 78 bridge. And was packing it in, when you guy's came back to your (?) Mom's car, to get your egg patterns.

Glad that you guy's had a good day, and congrats on getting your fly up on the Orvis News site!