Friday, February 21, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham

You may have noticed that we are sort of out of sorts lately, mostly due to our lack of time on the water.  I haven't gone this long without wetting a line in decades, thanks to polar vortexes, the accompanying snow and ice, and the fact that I'm just not as hardy as I once was.  I am a grandfather, after all.  I have been tying plenty of flies though, and working on other projects, so there really are no complaints; it's just that we're missing that balance that comes from standing in a river taking in the sights and sounds, casting a line, and connecting with what to me is reality. 
Here's the South Branch on Saturday morning locked in snow and ice, but just as peaceful as ever.
I have had the good fortune of fishing vicariously through Douglas' adventures.  He's been getting out every weekend and doing quite well with his nymphing techniques, sending me photos of browns, rainbows and the occasional brookie, that have succumbed to his presentations and quill flies.  Not to mention what he calls a Jiggy Sexy Walt's Worm.......we'll show you this one in a future post, and maybe even make a tying video of this "killer" pattern.    
Here's a nice wild brown Douglas caught on a PA limestone spring creek on a recent frosty trip.
That's about all I have for today, I just needed to pop something up here, so you all would know I haven't dropped of the face of the earth.
And, no Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham.  Not in a house, not with a mouse.  Not in a box, nor with a fox..........
I just want to go fishing.
Sharpen your hooks.

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Mr.Q said...

I wouldn't eat green eggs either. They may have spoiled