Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going Green to the Extreme

I think this dog needs a new owner..........

And the guy in the bumper holding the stick needs a new gig!

Life is good. Buy some gas and leave your dog alone.

If You Are Reading This...........

.....you aren't selling cars.

Get back to work!

Life is good. So is reading a blog once in a while instead of working.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Who are idiots?

Well, PETA for one. They sent the letter (see last post) to Ben and Jerry.......they sold the company several years ago to a conglomerate.

Cheers to PETA. Not only are they idiots, but they're out of touch. See what not eating meat and dairy products does to one's brain cells?

And the other idiot is one I need to get off my chest. Earlier this summer a large ash tree fell on my property. The trunk was cut into nice 4 foot sections and stacked near the front corner of the property (about 25-30 feet off the road) so they would dry before I moved them up to the patio to be split for firewood.

Well, they were gone this morning. Some IDIOT decided they were there for the taking, and took them. It had to be at least two IDIOTS, because the logs were quite heavy and large. It pisses me off that someone would think they were entitled to take wood from someone elses property....they just added to their bad karma account.

Yeah, I feel better now.

Life is good. If someone tells you their fire burns cold, you'll know where they got the wood.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Now............For Something Completely Ridiculous From Our (not)Friends at PETA

Seriously, the members of this cult really need to find a better use of their repressed anger and apparent need for attention. There are much better things in this life to be passionate about than telling others that they should change their evolved biological programming.

PETA officials say a move to human breast milk would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies on factory farms and benefit human health.

For the whole story:


And those maladies they cite as being caused by cows milk? It's a bunch of hyperbole. The milk ain't the problem, the stress from dealing with jerks like PETA more likely contributes to the ills of man, not to mention the chemicals used to produce more and "better" milk. Go organic if you can or care to. I could easily Google dozens of articles that cite the benefits of drinking cows milk that use scientific methods to back them up.

If I wasn't at work and up to my wader tops in a project, I'd rant about this group for some real shits and giggles.

Life is Good. Eat what you want and allow others to do the same.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So me and the Caddis Chronicles crew got up early this morning and headed into the Big City to walk in the Race for the Cure in Central Park. It's a great way to spend a day in the city and help raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer. It was hot and humid, but none of that mattered because we shared the energy of over 100,000 people joined in a common cause.

It's fun and energizing, and makes one realize how lucky they are to get up out of bed on their own every morning and face the challenges of the day. Everywhere you look there are people with stories of strength and courage; survivors - many walking on their own, others being assisted, and still others making their way in wheel chairs.

And of course, there's my hero....my wife Karen is a survivor of stage 4 inflamatory breast cancer - 5 years and counting! She just finished treatment earlier this summer as she is now free of the disease.

The start of the walk.......most of the "survivors" wear pink tees.

A survivor, so happy to be there dyed her hair.......PINK!
The masses heading south in the park..........
And the finish..........
It was a beautiful day. After the walk we walked some more and then had brunch at the Ocean Grill - great food, go if you have a chance when you're in the city. Everything is fresh and cooked to perfection.

Hi Leigh! We missed you this year..........spread the word at Virginia Tech!

Life is good. It's really good when you can share a day for a common cause with strangers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

He's That Good


Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Beautiful Day For Remembering

What a day to spend in the city. Bright sun, cool and calm. A clear day to allow a clear mind to remember the people that lost their lives 7 years ago in the ultimate act of cowardess. Karen and I stayed until dark, walking the waterfront and watching as the darkness enveloped the tribute in lights - two bright beams reaching to the heavens as the twin towers once did. From our spot on the waterfront the beams lined up - north/south - to appear as one.

Life is good. Peace.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Back, Not That I Really Went Anywhere.......

Well, I did go on my honeymoon.

It was great, everything is great, but work has been incredibly busy. Good, but busy. Karen's back in school, Julia started at Tewksbury Elementary and seems to be adjusting.

So what's happened in the last two weeks or so? Lots, but I don't have time for all of it now. Just wanted to post something so you knew I was still breathing.

The big news right now is that my favorite river, The Madison in Montana, is experiencing the effects of aging. Specifically, the almost 100 year old dam at Hebgen Lake that's made of timbers, steel and concrete. Two of the four head gates failed last Sunday, releasing copious amounts of water into the river below creating spring run-off like conditions. Serious stuff for a number of reasons for both the river and the lake above - the lake is already down 3.5 feet since the gate failure. Here's a couple of reports from yonder.........


And this update from Madison River Fishing Company.......

September 8th, 2008

The news now is grim. The bulkhead plan did not work. There was to much turbulence at the dam intake for them to place the steel plates and stem the flow. At the moment there does not seem to be a “plan B”. The flow is still at springtime level. They are losing more than 5 inches of reservoir water elevation every 24 hours and this will accelerate as the level drops due to the cone shape nature of the reservoir bed. By Wednesday of this week the lake will be at it’s March 1st water level. There are two scenarios that are scaring us at the moment. First; they decide they need to drain the lake to fix the problem and there is no other choice. Second; they cannot get a handle on the flows and the lake drains either completely or to the point that it will take years to refill. Either way the outcome has the potential to be tragic.

Yes, there are much bigger problems in this world, but this one's close to home for me. Everytime I set foot in that valley or the ribbon of water teeming with life, I'm home.

Let's hope they get it fixed without too much damage to the environment or the economy.

Life is good. Just don't expect it to always be smooth................