Friday, May 3, 2013

Gray Drake - Male seeking female spinner
Single, gray mayfly dun
Age: 3 hours
Occupation: Pilot
DOB 5.3.13
Height: 8mm
Weight: .32 grams
Wings: Gray mottled
Eyes: Green
Tails: Two
Faith: Baptist

In my brief terrestrial life I am seeking a single, gray, clear-winged spinner, for ever so brief procreation over a nearby riffle or pool.  Must have two tails and be prepared to fall on the water, spent, after a very short, intimate airborne honeymoon, this evening.  Nice legs and gossamer wings a plus.  Give me a buzz. 


Mr. Q said...

hahahahahaha......more pleaze?

Anonymous said...

A spinner heh. I'm willing to try anything once.

Martha Stewart