Sunday, May 12, 2013

Report From Last Evening

We fished until the sun no longer lit the sky.  Some large sulphurs hatched here and there, but not nearly enough to get the fish interested.  Caddis fluttered about, and we saw a couple of rises, but they were all of the one-and-done variety.  We're still in the in-between phase of the season, but it won't be long before that changes.  Caught a bunch of rainbows, all on brown serendipities, and nothing on top.  The river was in great condition as you can see here.

Fished today for a while, and then danced between the millions of raindrops and got soaked to the bones.  Seriously soaked, but had fun.  Doug did well before the torrent dropped like a sledgehammer from the gray skies, catching five.

Sorry for the short report, time to get some shut eye.

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