Friday, May 10, 2013

Current Conditions

We were in that in-between period when we fished last weekend here in New Jersey.  You know, that time just after the Quill Gordons and Hendricksons come off, and the next wave of hatches has yet to get going.  When we fished Sunday, there really wasn't a whole lot on the water to bring fish up; mostly small Grannoms and rusty spinners, but even then we didn't see too many fish feeding on top.  I'm sure it didn't help that the rivers were fairly low and clear, which is unusual this early in the season.

We did get some rain this week, and the river levels appear to be somewhat higher, which is good for the fish and fishermen.  The May hatches are starting to perk up, with March Browns, large Sulphurs and even a few Light Cahills being spotted.  That should only get better, and with any luck we'll get some cloud cover this weekend and maybe some showers, which the March Browns seem particularly fond of.  In addition to having imitations of the emergers and duns of the aforementioned mayflies, I would recommend that you have some spinners.  Rusty spinners in #12-16 should cover you in the evenings when the trout are gently sipping the spent flies off the water surface. 

The Grannoms will continue to hatch, and often in the evenings you'll see egg-laying behavior, so be prepared with small, #16-18, dark caddis dries with green egg sacs.  Depending on the river and where you are on it, these caddis may be diving, skittering or crawling down partially submerged logs, rocks and even wading anglers legs.  If you tie your own, just add a couple of wraps of peacock herl at the top of the hook bend, then tie your caddis dry with a dark gray/brown body and mottled wing of roughly the same color.  You can also use a short tuft of bright green antron or zelon for the egg sac, as I do in the egg laying caddis video found to the right.   

That's it for now after a busy week.  I'm heading back to New Jersey later today, and hope to be on the river before dusk.  If I manage to get out, which is very likely, I'll report back here by the morning with my observations and results.  Even if i get skunked, I let you know what bugs I see.

Sharpen your hooks.


Yep, you gussed it... said...

Well....where is the report from yesterday evening ;)

Jaybird said...

Very good streamer bite in the Gorge this AM . But nothing of any size.