Monday, April 28, 2008

Paradise Found

This isn't so much a blog entry as it is a celebration. Closed on the house today! Can't wait to move in, but first we'll need to paint and clean and go out to Ohio for my daughters college graduation.

How about that?! Megan, my oldest, is graduating from Miami University in Ohio. The house is one thing, but it pales in comparison to Megan's big day. I could not be more proud of her and can't wait to be there when she gets her degree. She can tie flies, catch trout, and she's getting her degree.

What a resume! All she has to do is tell her prospective employer she can fish and tie flies and she's in!

If only it was that easy..........maybe she shouldn't mention the fishing stuff.

Life is good. Just do it with your eyes open.

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Dan (aka Beaverkill) said...

Congrats...On Both...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

See ya on the water...or I guess just as much of a chance at the supermarket...