Thursday, April 17, 2008


It happened again today. Phone rings. I answer....

Where are you? (The sound of running water in the background)
In my office.
Can you get out, the fish are just starting to rise? It's great, come on!
Crap. Can't do it. Lots of work and I have class tonight.
Oh, man, that sucks.
Then my harrassing friend shared his tales of success before signing off to fish some more.

A while later my phone rings again.

Matt? (It's another friend about to harrass me)
Can you get out of work? There's a great hatch coming off and the fish are rising.
Nope, I'm finishing a project and then I have class tonight.
Blow it off, dude! Get out here.
I'd love to, but it'll have to wait.
He tells me he's caught a couple of nice fish and we talk about the hatch and what flies he's using to get his fish, then he's off to the river again.

Now, is that harrassment, or what? I've always believed that cell phones had no place where one casts a fly. And this is further proof.

So what am I going to do about it? I'll go to my meeting in Princeton in the morning, have lunch, and then.......I'M GOING FISHING! Then, I'm going to call the guys that have called me, lay the phone down on an instream rock and let them hear ME fishing. I just may send them a phone pic or two.

Life is good. See you on the river.


FoulHooked said...

What better "motivation" to get on the water is there than knowing people are out catching fish while your busy elsewhere? Sounds like they were doing you a "favor." You owe them the same in return...if possible, make sure you know they absolutely CAN NOT get to some fish when you call will make it all the more "motivating."

Tis better to give harrassment than receive.

Dan (aka Beaverkill) said...

No calls..I was just sent cell phone pics of fish, mayflies and a sparkling stream with a message...

"where are you? Can you guess where I am?"

Yes..I consider that harrassment..

Our time will come...Paybacks...