Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 5 - Opening Day New Jersey

After taking care of a few errands and making a stop at Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon, I managed to get in a little of fishing.

Karen and I grabbed a couple of those awesome burgers at Rambo's and then made our way to a nice spot on the South Branch of the Raritan River. We sat on a couple of streamside rocks and had lunch in the sun while squadrons of chimarra caddis flew all around us. It was a fairly good hatch, although no trout were taking the flies on top. After eating, I went to the car and got my rod and tackle. I just wanted to wet a line and it didn't seem like much was happening, so I didn't bother putting on waders.

I didn't rig up at the car, instead I went back to where Karen was to do that, and boy was that a kick! As soon as I started to rig up, Karen started with the questions. One after another......."Is that the tippet? And if that's the tippet, what's this? (the line) What are you using? Is the hook sharp? You always talk about how important a sharp hook is, but I didn't see you sharpen it. (let me get it tied on first, you nut) Is the fly dark enough? What is it called? (a blue bitch, it's a streamer type fly) ............before you know it, we were laughing like idiots because she was so fascinated she didn't give me enough time to answer one question before she asked the next.

Here she is on a streamside rock, she's a riot.....we laughed more than we fished. So once I got rigged and answered all of Karen's questions, I fished a couple of runs half-heartedly. It was just nice to be out and wetting a line. I was surprised that although we saw anglers on our way to this spot, we couldn't see any up or down stream of where we fished. And that's what I did, I fished and did not catch. I even fished a dry for while just to see if I could coax a trout up from the clear, cool depths.

So that's my opening day report. I know, not very exciting, but we had fun and then last night we went out with a bunch of friends and some family, and had more fun. Too bad UNC lost, should be a great champoinship game though!

Life is good. Just do it with your eyes open, and be sure you have someone you can laugh with.

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