Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kid Logic

After a trip to the Apple store with her dad, an 8 year-old girl called her mom to ask her if she would buy her an iPhone.

Mommy, can I get an iphone? I'll pay for some of it.

An iphone? No sweetie, we've talked about this. You are not getting a cell phone until you are ten.

But mom, it's not a cell phone, it's an iphone!

I understand, but it's still just a fancy cellphone.

Mommy, I want one. They can do all kinds of cool things.

No, sweetie, you are not getting an iphone.

But mom, if you know how to use something you should have it, otherwise why would you want to know how to use it?

I can see it now.........when she's 17 she's going to ask for a Mercedes. After all, she'll know how to drive one!

Life is good. Listen to your kids, and its also funny...........


Dan (aka Beaverkill) said...

I do listen...especially when he is holding his grotch and says Poopie..

Matt Grobert said...

HA! That's called listening AND reacting.....very quickly!