Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tying the Tungsten Torpedo

This nymph pattern was introduced to me by Doug Freemann last year, on one of our many outings, on a PA limestone creek.   The fly was created by Kevin Compton of Performance Flies, for competitive fly fishing, but its an effective fly fished off the end of any anglers leader.  Is it effective?  I've been with Doug when he has had banner days fishing this fly in tandem with another nymph, with this fly out catching the other by a wide margin.  It is typically tied in sizes #12 to #18 - Douglas tends to fish them in the #14-16 range, depending on the depth and speed of the water. He adds that he likes to fish them when the water is off-color; or when Baetis are active, he'll fish them in smaller sizes.


Hook: Hanak H230BL size 12.

Bead: Gold tungsten 3.2mm.

Thread: Olive Benecchi, 12/0.

Tail: Medium Pardo Coq de Leon, 4-5 fibers.

Rib: Gold wire .004-inch.

Abdomen: Black Sulky Sliver Metallic thread.

Collar: Jan Siman peacock dubbing.

Click on any of the highlighted words above to get to Kevin's website, for the materials used here, and on many other flies.

Thanks again to Tim and Joan Flagler for another great job producing this video.

Sharpen your hooks!


Floatfisher said...

Nice twist, thanks for the great video and post.

Anonymous said...

Very good BWO pattern. Been fishing it for 4-5 years now.

Anonymous said...

You recommend tying this nymph in sizes 12 to 18. The Hanak 203BL hook only comes down to 16. What is your hook recommendation for a size 18 fly?

Anonymous said...

Kevin used to tie them on Dohiku hooks which comes in an #18.