Monday, April 28, 2014

Henley's First Flight

Henley's dad Nate, is a charter pilot, and this past Friday Nate and his mom (my daughter) took him on his first flight.  It was a short hop from Charleston to Hilton Head, SC and back, with a quick stop in between to have some dinner.   Here is is ready for the flight.

Here's Henley enjoying the flight..........

Now that I have shared that with you, here's a teaser for my next post.......I not only helped Douglas with the competition he organized this past Saturday, I fished in it, too!   It seems they were one man short, and because everyone fishes in pairs, I filled in and managed to do fairly well given that I was unprepared mentally and using a rules conforming leader unlike any I have used in the past except on the rare occasions when I have fished Doug's set up.

It was a blast actually, and I will tell you all about it in the next day or so.  BTW - Doug did a stellar job.

Sharpen your hooks!     

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Daniel said...

Cute kid.