Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's Going On?

We fished a few times this week. Nothing crazy, just a couple of evening trips to the South Branch; wet wading, fish rising near dusk and several landed. Lots of mosquitoes on the attack the second you leave the water and step on terra firma.   The river is in great condition for August, but the trout are very sensitive with the lower flows - a bad cast or too much wading/movement will put them down in an instant.  Lots of midges, Stenonemas, Isonychias, small Sulphurs and various caddis appear nightly shortly before the sun goes to sleep.  Early mornings have been good with decent Trico hatches.  Ants will bring the trout to the surface any time of day, if they're interested in feeding, you just have to be there at the right time.  Heard that before......

Ant.....trout love them.

Beetle....trout love them, too.

Al's Trico....a simple and very effective pattern.

Royal Wulff....because they work and I can see them at dusk.

Long leaders, fine tippets and a very stealthy approach will get you hook ups.  Wade a little as possible, and when you get into position plant your feet, crouch low and avoid random casting.  Carry a thermometer and use it - if the water temp is over 68, give the fish a break and find something else to do.

Sharpen your hooks!  

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