Wednesday, August 28, 2013

News Flash! Douglas Named to Youth Team USA

Here's the official tweet from Team USA Youth Fly Fishing.

Team USA Youth (@YouthTeamUSA)
8/23/13, 8:11 AM
Team USA welcomes new member, Doug Freeman, who attended the August 2014 PA Clinic and was selected for the Team! Congratulations, Doug!

Congratulations Doug! 


Anonymous said...


Congratulations to you too. I'm sure your coaching and support helped enormously. But, please, teach him to dub CCW. He's too young to get set in bad ways like someone I know.


Mr. Q said...

AWESOME!!!!!Congrats... Doug we need to fish, I could use some pointers, as Matt doesn't share with me..he just points and laughs ;p..

Matt, who's the clown that thinks you twist your dubbing the wrong way?