Saturday, August 31, 2013

What a Country.....Trout Underground Blogger Sued for Libel

"It really chaps my ass that it’s someone in my profession, which is fighting tooth and nail for first amendment protections, that’s trying to erode them." 

This quote from Tom Chandler's comments under the entry pretty much sums up the stupidity of of this mess lawsuit, which unfortunately is getting more common in our oversensitive culture.   In essence, Tom wrote a short piece on a SF Chronicle outdoor writer and his marijuana arrest back in 2010, that pretty much summed up what many west coast newspapers had already reported.  The writer is suing Tom for libel.  Seriously, even the SF Chronicle wrote about it.............

Read the latest on this adventure in 21st Century law here:  Lawsuit Post

I guess I should sue the hook manufacturer when I get a dull hook straight out of the package..........

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