Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wishing Doug Good Luck This Weekend

My friend Douglas will be leaving for Lamar, PA later today to attend the 3 day US Youth Fly Fishing Team Clinic, with hopes of making the 2013 team.  As you know from my posts, I've been fishing with Doug over the last couple of months and he is an accomplished fly fisherman, in addition to being a great kid.  He is confident yet humble, and although his goal is to make the team, he understands that mostly this is an opportunity to learn and experience more about fly fishing.

Good luck, Doug!   ><)))))'>


Mr. Q said...

Good luck Doug, and don't let competition make you lose sight of the many things fly fishing brings to your life....

Harry said...

I wish him the best for he will learn a ton from the people there.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a long glowing commentary about my great friend and fellow fisherman, Douglas...having never been moved to "blog" (or whatever I'm doing) before, it is not appearing on the site. Not being a patient man, even though I'm an incredibly patient fisherman, I shall not repeat myself. To the readers of these words, please know that Douglas is a wonderful fisherman, a fabulous fly tier at a young age, and, yes...I am biased...I love him as a son and I like to think I have something to do with his love of our great sport! Go getem' Douglas!

YukBug Yennis

hacklebarney Jimmy said...

Rock it Doug!
"Now I know the secret, there is nothing that I lack"

Matt Grobert said...

Unfortunately, the system times out and if you are not done by then, your words are lost. Fortunately, I've spent enough time with Doug to have a very good idea of what you wrote! He speaks of you with the highest regard, and he's told me many detailed stories of your prowess with the fly rod, always with a big smile. We are both lucky to know him and share our love of this wonderful sport with him.
Best, Matt