Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Kid, the Cook and the Fly Tyer

I got a great fishing report from my young friend Doug Freemann last night, who fished his local wild trout stream in Pennsylvania last evening.  Although he only had a short time before the sun's light gave way to darkness, he did well.  Using a 7 foot 3 weight, he had the perfect rod for the small creek he fished, and armed with some pheasant tail snowshoe rabbit emergers he managed to bring three healthy wild browns to hand.

Here's Doug fishing his favorite hole, which he describes as "a little confluence between a really small creek that is chock full of food and holds some really small browns, and the main creek."  Nice going Doug, I wish I were there to enjoy it with you. 

And then there's the chef, Mr. Q, who managed to get some fishing in before hitting the kitchen yesterday.  He fished the South Branch of the Raritan River, and as luck would have it, Hendricksons were coming off the river and the fish were on them.  He caught "many feesh" on the soft-hackle Hendrickson emerger he tied in the class I gave at Shannon's Fly Shop on Sunday morning.  Another celebration of the well-chewed fly:

And finally, Chris Martino, another regular at Shannon's Sunday morning fly tying classes, brought in a couple of Hendrickson sparkle duns he tied after watching the video we made with Tightline Productions recently on how to tie them. Very nice flies Chris, let us know how they worked. 

It's always good to hear from fellow anglers and fly tyers, especially when they share their successes on the stream and at the vise.  

Get out and fish!  


Jaybird said...

Ohhhh Geeez I know the Cook , he is ok , don't know the Kid,,,,, but Martino ......... That's a stand up guy , dry fly snob but stand up guy . Good to see the RRTU guys infiltrate the Caddis Chronicals

Mr. Q said...

Jay....I am RRTU...Sorry I am not there more...and nice Matt..always a pleasure to sit at the vise with you!

Mr. Q said...

THE COOK?!?!!! That's cold..I am a CHEF!!!!!

Matt Grobert said...

Mr. Q, go back to your galley, the slop needs a little spice.....ketchup! HA!

Jaybird said...

Mr Q I know you are RRTU , but your mentioned all the time . Mr Q is a regularly accruing character here on Caddis Chronicals , but Martino ??? By the way very weak Hendrickson hatch today , but a strong strong amount of crane flies and the fish behind the Diamonds were keyed in on them at least the wild browns were . Up on Bank St was ok less hendricksons but the fish were looking up.

Matt Grobert said...

Jay, you got that right, Mr. Q is a character! The best kind. Good the fish were looking up for you. Now if you would like join the fun, email me a report with photos of your adventures and we'll add you to the character list. ><{{{{}'>

CMartino said...
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C. Martino said...

Well now that I'm published, I'm thinking of quitting my job and going pro!

Matt, who do I talk to about getting one of those "prime" tables at the Fly Tying Symposium?!!? Maybe I'll change over to Classic Salmon Fly's now.

Matt, a BIG thank you, to you and Tim for all the great videos and instructions! Please, keep them coming. And thank you's to my other RRTU Fly Tying guru's as well, the Warner Bros. and Jake, who really do their parts in keeping the crews going.

Now where do I accept my award???