Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Summertime Flies

Summer is terrestrial and trico time on our rivers, that is, when the water temps are low enough for trout survival.  This week, that means no trout fishing in our area, but you can still tie a bunch in anticipation of better days.  There are also a few nice Pennsylvania limestone creeks that will be cool enough that have serious trico hatches.  Do teh fish a favor though, and carry a thermometer so you don't fish in water that is over 68-69F.

Here's a fur ant - side and trout view.  Simple to tie - black fur and dark hackle. 

And here is a foam beetle I like to fish - side and trout views.  Another simple pattern that is very effective. 

And finally, a couple of trico patterns I like.  This first one is Al's Trico.  It's tied backwards on the hook with the tail being mimicked by the tippet.  It's very visible with the grizzly hackle, which is good for blind people like me.  I like to blame my poor distance eyesight on the fact that I've been tying since I was a wee lad, but the reality is that I'm just getting closer to being an old geezer.  Not that the reading glasses I have dangling from my neck all the time is any indication...........   

Here's a standard trico spinner tied with clear zelon wings.  Again, simple and quick to tie, just the way I like them.  The trout don't give a hoot whether they have the right number of tails or even legs, its all about size and presentation.

Tie some up and go get them trouts!  And sharpen those hooks, especially when they are so very small........


micah said...

Where'd you buy those flies? I know no old geezer like you tied 'em! ! !

Matt Grobert said...

Ha! I think you've run/biked into too many taxi cabs! If I ever do get to that point, I'll just have you tie them for me. :)


What? I can't hear you!

Midgenut said...

Its a wise man who plays with beetles and ants this time of year and I really like the little reverse Trico!