Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Aren't We Fishing?

This was taken at 5:30 Tuesday as I was driving home from work........................yesterday it read 102F.

The rivers are very low, and VERY warm here in NJ, PA, NY Catskills, which completely rules out any trout fishing.  Some rivers are reaching the 80F mark, which is likely killing those trout that can't find a cool refuge. It has been unusually dry the last month or so after a rainy, cool spring that gave us great water levels and temps.  Go figure..............

I'm tying dozens of flies and getting psyched for Montana, where I hear the fishing is just getting good after run-off.  They have had cool weather and plenty of rain, so that bodes well for our trip.  I'll post some of the flies I"ve been tying here when I get a chance.  I've also just finished building my bride a fly rod for our trip, she doesn't fish much, but loves floating and fishing the big western rivers.  Our last trip she had some double digit days catching fish.  She plays it cool, but the other day I came into the kitchen quietly and found her watching a video on fly fishing the Madison River.  I'm glad she's excited, although she'll only fish a day or two, and leave the rest to me and the boys while she and Megan go on excursions into Yellowstone and other points of don't think they'll shop, do you??     

That's it for now.  Stay cool while we wait for rain and cooler temps.     

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