Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while thanks to hot weather and other busy stuff going on, but I thought I'd update a few things.

If you can get your ass out of bed in the morning and onto a river just after sun up, the Trico hatches are coming off well right now.  You'll see the clouds of the tiny bugs over the riffles, and depending on the conditions, they will fall by 8:30AM, 9AM at the very latest.  The trout have been on them, but the fishing is very technical thanks to the very low water condtions....and the fact that the flies are small.   How small?  Size #26 is big, most are smaller.  Think the size of your average Irish freckle.  Use a long - 15FT - leader and approach from below and you'll hook a few.  Fish the transition water just below the riffles where it flattens out, you'll see little sips that look like tiny raindrops hitting the water.

Keep in mind that many of our rivers are too warm to fish, even in the early AM.  Take a thermometer with you and use it.  If the water is over 68F, don't fish.  The last fews days the Musky and the South Branch have been too warm, but if you are willing to go north and west, or to PA, you can find some pretty good Trico fishing. 

We just added Spruce Creek Fly Company to our blog link.  This is run by PA fly fishing guide Eric Stroup and his wife Tracey.  Eric is a top notch guide, fly tier, teacher, and all around good guy.  I'll be fishing with him in Montana next week!  Check out the programs he and Tracey have going on.

Three more days until we're airborn and on our way to paradise.  Karen and I are going to spend a couple of days in Bozeman, then it's off to the cabin on the Madison River.  Bruce and his wife will be flying out in his turbo prop (we are taking a commercial fight as Karen is ascared to fly in a 6-seater).  The prince, Bruce' son, has been on the road and will meet us there.  The river is just coming into prime condition after run-off, so to say we are excited is an understatement.

Finally, I was just appointed to the Environmental Commission.  I'm looking forward to helping to protect our fragile trout streams.

Get up early and go fish!!!!  Tricos are on! 

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