Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Promised Photos

These fish were caught before the heat enveloped the land last week.  Here is a beautiful brookie caught by Jim Holland of Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon, NJ.    It was taken on a Sulphur at dusk.

A wild brown from the South Branch of the Raritan being sent off to fight another day.

I had other pics, but they decided not to cooperate with my computer skills...............either that, or my computer skills suck.  You decide.

On another note, the heat was blown away, literally, on Sunday and the streams have cooled.  Last night we fished for the first time in over a week, and it was very good.   We had a serious light cahill spinner fall and the trout were on them like kids to candy.  I may try to hit it again tonight depending on what my bride has planned. 

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micah said...


I've been resting and getting stronger and should be on some kind of water (think Stripers!) by the weekend if all goes according to plan. It's been killing me not fishing!

I miss the SB.