Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Low Water + Heat = No Fishing = Bummer

Since I last checked in here, I haven't fished.  If it weren't for tying flies in the evenings for my upcoming trip to Montana, I'd be going crazy..............or should I say, crazier.  It's all relative when you're a fly fisherman.

Although there were some cool days thanks to thurderstorms, I've been in Boston up until last Friday, and then this past weekend the conditions were very poor.  They continue to be poor.  After a watery, river bank full spring that had some of the best fishing in years, the local rivers and streams have settled into summertime conditions very quickly the last two weeks.  The rivers are low, and with the daily heat and sun, they have warmed to temperatures much higher than trout can handle if they are stressed by fisherman.  So, we leave the trout alone, just as we tend to like it when we are hot and bothered by lousy weather conditons.

From now until September, it's best for the trout if we manage our fishing by water temperatures.  If the temps are over 69-70F, stay out of the water and leave them alone.

Lets hope things cool down soon.

In the meantime, I'll try to post some photos of the flies I have been tying.  Many are effective patterns for local waters as well as Montana.

Carry a thermometer, use it, and resist the temptation to fish when it tells you the trout are uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

go night fishing for cats and carp loads of fuunnnn!!!!!!

Jimmy229oz said...

Should be decent this weekend with nighttime temps into the 50s in Califon.
Lets hope.

CD said...

Musconetcong water temps at 7 AM in Stephensburg have been 69-70 deg. Not good.