Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick Report

Besides working my butt off at the office everyday, I did manage to fish last Friday, Sunday and Monday evening. I love living within 10 minutes of a nice trout stream!!! I also tried to get out last night, but half way to the river Karen called me and I had to turn around to tend to a homeowner issue....nothing major, but it couldn't wait.

The fishing has been great this year, and of course, June is the prime month for hatches of all kind. The past few outings there have been a multitude of flies on the water - Sulphurs, Chocolate Duns, Blue-winged Olives, Light Cahills, Isonychias, March Browns, and different spinners of the aforementioned mayflies. Caddis - Cinnamon or spotted sedges, Dark gray sedges, LIttle black caddis, some hatching and some laying their eggs. And finally, Yellow stoneflies (yellow sallies), and giant brwon stoneflies.

Some nights finding the right fly to use is easy, and others, it's a night of discovery and outright frustration. Trout are finicky, not in an intelligent way, but in an intuitive way, and how they behave and feed is open to just about any theory - weather, water temps, barometric pressure, moon phase, you name it, it's been tossed around. One night we couldn't keep the trout off our sulphur imitations. The next, even though the same flies were on the water, we couldn't but a take on a sulphur imitation and instead the fish seemed to be keyed in on emerging caddis and that was the ticket that evening.

I'll post some pics this weekend.


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