Monday, May 10, 2010

And the wind blew............

Friday evening was calm, warm and the river didn't give up it's secrets easily.  Bugs were everywhere, tiny little caddisflies, tiny blue-winged olives and a few larger early suphurs.  A fish rose here and there, but they generally stayed put.  I know, I saw them.   Lots of them just hovering in place, low in the water column like suspended kites on a fixed line.

Saturday morning the sun rose behind a thick blanket of clouds.  A short while later, the clouds darkened further and then sent forth bright flashes of lightening accompanied by roaring, rolling thunder.  Large, heavy raindrops then fell briefly as if there was a law that thunder and lightening must be followed by rain.

By noon the clouds had broken up, the sun shone brightly, and the wind blew like a madman.  Limbs fell from the trees,  leaves broke free, and the seeds of spring were being scattered everywhere.  You could fish, but only with great patience, and some did.  I chose to catch up on stuff around the house.

Sunday, took care of mom.....................and the wind blew.          

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