Friday, May 28, 2010

Was that a Concert?

Well, my wife sure enjoyed it, and the guy/gal does put on a good show, but the music is way too sappy for my tastes.  They did do a Doors cover - Roadhouse Blues - and that was the best tune of the night by me.  I did have a good time though, the bunch of us had a nice dinner beforehand at a fancy Italian place in Carlstadt, and I always enjoy seeing Karen happy.  Oh, and the fireworks display at the end kicked butt...............that said, I'm looking forward to seeing Joe Bonamassa, Mark Knopfler and some other real bands!

As one would expect, the concert was full of roving middle-aged, 50-ish women, desperately trying look like they were 19 again by stuffing their sagging flesh into clothes much too small for the contents, with chemically dependent hair, and wearing heels a hooker would be abashed to be seen the hell do they walk in those things????  And the tattoos - any teenage girl that thinks their tattoo tramp stamp is going to look good in 20-30 years, should come to an over-the-hill guy/gal concert before it gets dark and check out the wrinkled, fading ink stains on the wannabe cougars in attendance.  Okay, so there were some many attractive ladies there as well, but if I described them here, I may be tagged for inappropriate material/content, not to mention having to explain it to my wife.

The new stadium is pretty awesome.  No fish though...........

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