Wednesday, May 5, 2010

They Sell Them That Way, Really!

I just returned from spending a few work filled days in the wilds of Boston.  Love that city, had a ball, but why in the hell do they sell cars that don't have turn signals???  Thank, God, I was driving a company vehicle when I rammed (touched the side of) a car that decided to turn right from the left lane of Commonwealth while I was holding tight on their right, minding my own business.  No harm he said, just go, your car is okay, and mine just has some more charactor.........The guy was an idiot...."I never use a turn signal, what for?"

I swear, only one in four cars in Boston even have turn signals in them.  The ones that do only get used on occassion, like when the driver needs to do something other than text.  I made it in and about the city, had a great time, and made it out in one piece.  The miracle of Boston..............getting out alive and without a dent in the armor.

I did have dinner with my daugther who lives there, and does use her turn signal.  And her friend Jon, who may or may not use his turn signal depending on the date and time, and whose car he is driving (or not).  Dinner was great.  Raw fish and beer.  Stories, lots of stories, catching up and laughing.  Listen to your kids, they see things we are blind to.......................beautiful stuff.


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