Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Caterer......With 3 Days To Go, and Other Thoughts

Does anyone read this stuff? Do I?

Anyway, you know the stuff I wrote about the caterer we WERE going to use for the wedding this Saturday? Well, he's toast. Let's just say he took us for fools and he totally miscalculated. I don't have patience for that crap and the last thing I want is for Karen to get stressed because some idiot thinks he has carte blanche. We had a back up just in case, and it paid off. So, we have a new caterer all set to go. Same food, same number of servers and so forth, and a much more reasonable cost.

Enough of that stuff.

So, does anyone know who this Michael Phelps guy is? Seems he should have been born a fish. Think about cast your fly and he comes up and takes it. Then its off to the races, a world record race at that. First he does the butterfly, then the freestyle, and as you go to land him he takes off again doing the breast stroke. Do you think he would jump a few times like a rainbow or a salmon? Or would he dog it, digging for the bottom like a brown trout or striped bass? I do think that when you landed him he would still have his cap on with the little American flag on the side and his name, and a medal or two hanging from his neck just to show you that you caught a winner.......just make sure if you do catch him, that you release him. His mother would want it that way.

And speaking of fishing, man, I can't wait until we get some water. I haven't been trout fishing since Montana. Of course, the wedding and plans have had to come first, so no big deal. Maybe I'll fish the pond after the ceremony..........can't do that, those are my pets. The fish, the frogs and now the lily pads are in bloom. Beautiful flowers. And then there's the other aquatic plants that are also in bloom - long, slim purple blossoms that have hummingbirds coming to taste their nectar every evening. Awesome birds they are.

It's great to take a seat on one of the rocks near the water and just sit and watch them as they move from bloom to bloom. Their wings moving so fast you can't see them. But you can hear the quiet vibrations like a dream holding them in place as they dart into and out of the blooms, methodically taking the liquid sugar that fuels them. They are easy to see with their shimmering irridescense, like a magnet to the eye. Maybe one or two will visit when we are having the ceremony............

Life is good. When are we going fishing?


Dan (aka Beaverkill) said...

By now your a Newly Wed....Congrats to you and the Bride! Dan

Matt Grobert said...

Thanks much, Dan. See you next month.