Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have You Seen This Driftboat?

A friend and the owner/admin of North Eastern Fly (click on New Jersey Fly Fishing below), Dennis Cabarle, recently purchased a drift boat. He floated down the West Branch of the Delaware River with it last Friday. The boat was moored at the bottom end of the West Branch Angler and he was told today that it is missing.
It's a 2002 Clacka Craft WF 16.Registration #: XEP00284E202. Faded out there is, "Outback Outfitters" or "Outback Outfitters Guide Service" on the side of the boat.
If someone tries to sell you a boat and you notice a matching registration number or the registration is scratched off, please contact the police. He only had it a few weeks and although it was only his for a few weeks, it has great sentimental value.
Life is good. And it will be much better when Dennis gets his boat back.

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