Friday, August 22, 2008

More Pictures From the Event

Where the hell is the fishing stuff, you ask? Well, I haven't been fishing lately and this is all I got....and besides, it's great stuff. I'll be fishing in the salt the next few days and hopefully I'll have some fine stories to report. In the meantime, Karen thought I should share a few more pics of her choice.......

Here we are just after the ceremony, Leigh, Me, Julia (Karen's daughter), Karen and my buddy Hunt. My other daughter Megan, had to be in L.A. for a job she just took after graduating from Miami U.

Leigh and I having a moment......she just made a very funny wise crack about her dad.

And lastly, Hunt bringing the Heineken out to the gang on the front porch.....have beer will travel.
Life is good. Our regularly scheduled program will resume in a moment.........anybody see my fly rod?

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