Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We want to matter again........

So, Hillary got a reprieve yesterday. She resorted to her manwoman ways and made some headway. It's still anyone's guess when the other shoe will fall.

Of course, Obama lama-ding-dong continues on as the alka-seltzer man. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, it is what it is. Got a belly ache? I'll tell you what you want to hear so you can sleep tonight..........but nothing will be changed in the morning. Same old stuff, different day. Ever hear of the Flim Flam Man? Great movie - George C. Scott, the smooth talking, rail riding hobo.........going everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

And now John Sidney is the master of his domain, endorsed by "W" and basking in glory today. Should we tell him that no one truly wants 4 more years of the crap we have been dealing with the last 8?

So the jury is still out. The big question is, when will one of them tell us something that actually makes sense. We don't want miracles, yet it seems they all think that's what we want. No, no, and no, that is not it.

Think about it......Kids don't need to catch the big one every time out, they just want to feel like someone wants to teach them something they didn't know before, because then they feel like they matter. WE (Americans) want to feel like we matter's really that simple.

And that brings us to fly fishing. Sometimes you just have to get back to basics and leave the other shit back in the car trunk, including the camera. There's nothing to prove to anyone, just do what you know works and maybe catch a few fish. Let them go, and keep the experience where it counts your heart. Mission accomplished.

Life is good. Just do it with your eyes open.

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