Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Funnies

And you thought the Sunday funnies were found in the entertainment or living section of the Sunday paper. Four or five pages of three-color panels full of cartoons and imaginary story lines. Well, not today, and not lately for that matter. These are the real Sunday funnies.......

Do you think this guy realizes he comes across as such a goof ball?

On to other good stuff. The Lehigh Valley Chapters of Trout Unlimited Annual Spring fund raiser was a blast yesterday morning. Spoke to a full, standing room only crowd, and they raised some serious funds for conservation projects and trout fisheries enhancement. Kudos to Ryan Rush for organizing the event.

As you can tell, I canceled my trip to the Georgia coast this week to hunt redfish and do bad Tiger Woods imitations. Too busy with other things.......found the perfect home today. I'm finally going to be out of this apartment and into a house again, not that its a bad place, I'm just ready for space. And, my oldest daughter is graduating from college in May and I told her I would be out of here and she could have it. Awesome, I can have a garden again and my own pet trout....yes, a small spring-fed pond! Who needs a dog? Trout don't bark, you don't have to clean up after them, they don't jump on you or guests when you least want them to, and they don't shed. The perfect pets - brook and brown trout - and you can eat them! Just kidding......

That's it for now. Look for some gut-wrenching stuff though soon. You just know Hillary and Obama are going go at it this week and try to kick one another's butt over something. It's sad I think, that this thing is going to come down to a personality contest, when what this country really needs right now is a contest over policy. I guess it rarely happens that way anymore.......meanwhile, J.S. McCain rolls on watching from the sidelines and planning his next move.

I'm planning on fishing at least once this week, so look for a report in the near future.

Life is good. Open your damn eyes and enjoy it.

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