Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where are we going?

Blogs are random, right? They're supposed to be, so here goes, more random thoughts....

Hillary is toast. If she stays in the race long enough she'll be burnt toast. Bill's legacy, whatever it is, will remain in tact just as he wants it.

Obama lama-ding-dong, he's on a roll and headed for the rudest awakening anyone has ever had. The Republicans are just warming up, letting him play the delightful one to Hillary's I dare you game. He's calm, thoughtful, contrite, mildly arrogant, and sometimes condescending, but not so much that anyone really notices. The agent of change. Big ideas, no road map. He is also incredibly naive. Once Hillary is out of the way, the real battle will begin. The conservative right is going to rip him to shreds and that will be the true test of his charactor. Don't think for a second that once he gets the Democratic nod, he is home free, because the big guns have yet to fire at him. They will toss all kinds of heavy artillery at him - personal stuff, political stuff, his past, his present, and everything in between. The calm before the storm................unfortunately, this is going to get ugly before the dust settles.

I really wish this wasn't the case and we could have a couple of normal debates on the issues and then make an informed decision, but the media and society seems to demand drama.

And that bring us to fly fishing. No drama, no bullshit, just a man or woman in a cool, clear stream, and the fish. A soft breeze, singing birds, and the whisper of water over rocks. The smell of pine, moss, and a wood burning stove in the distance. The only tension is that of your line as you lift your rod to make another cast. Your thoughts are yours, undisturbed and in concert with the natural world. If you are lucky enough to forget all your cares, you become one with your surroundings. It's really quite easy. And once you get there, you will have captured in your soul the things that really matter in this too short life we are given on this beautiful blue orb.

Life is good. Just do it with your eyes open.

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