Monday, February 18, 2008

Equal Time.....

So what's the deal with Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife? Her political life is hanging from a thread with most pundits getting their shovels ready to fill her in.

So what does she do? She accuses her rival of plagarism! Now that's an issue that really sits high in the minds of the American public. I can hear the whispers around the kitchen tables of middle America now, "Holy shit, Hillary really has her campaign thumb on the pulse of what matters most to us! Obama is using words that someone else has used before!"

Get real, lady. It really makes you wonder what kind of advisement she is getting, or if she gets it at all.

And not to forget John Sidney......endorsed by George Sr. today. Yeah, like even the republicans are hoping for a repeat performance.

So here's the latest:

The casting contest continues.......

At the moment, Obama is catching the most fish. Not only is he the most liberal, he is the most unlike anything we have had running this county for many years, and that appeals to the masses - even fence straddling republicans.

Hillary has a dull hook, and for some reason she is pretending it will hook enough fish to put a meal on the table. Will she sharpen the hook in time? Will it matter if she does?

John Sidney, he's using the same fly that has been used for the last 7 years, and most of the fish are way too familiar with it. Even so, he manages to hook one once in a while because some fish just won't bite on anything else but an artificial republican.

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