Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tying the Jiggy Prince Nymph

Here's another competition style nymph tied by Doug Freemann and produced by Tightline Productions.  Its a version of the tried and true Prince Nymph, tied on a jig style hook.  Doug almost always fishes at least one jig style fly on his tandem nymph rigs, and having spent many days on the water with him, they work very well.  In case you are wondering, the white biots are tied on the "bottom" of the fly because Doug says its difficult to tie them on the other side due to the sharp hook point, and he says its not worth the trouble because when the fly is in the water it tumbles with the head down so it doesn't make any difference.   Makes sense to me, and the way the fly works, the fish certainly don't seem to mind.

Sharpen your hooks!

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