Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Electric Soft Hackle

JC Sulphur Electric Soft Hackle
Last Sunday I met up with John Collins on the South Branch of the Raritan River to do some late winter fishing.  While we were getting ready to go, he was telling me about his newest addition to his "Electric" series of fly patterns - you may remember his Electric Caddis Pupa video he made with Tim Flagler - and showed me some of his creations.  The abdomen of these patterns are made of colored wire that is fed into hollow, clear tubing and wrapped on the hook as one, creating the effect of depth and segmentation.  Just by changing the wire color, he can adapt the look of the pattern to imitate just about any caddis larva or pupa, or mayfly nymph.  Pretty cool stuff.

 JC Hendrickson Electric Soft Hackle

  JC Isonychia Electric Soft Hackle
John is also well-known for his sculpin patterns, some of which are very accurately colored imitations of this abundant trout prey, and some of which are brightly colored.  Here a link to his Snowflake Sculpin, which I can say from experience works very well for big wintertime trout: JC Snowflake Sculpin.

Sharpen your hooks!

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