Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tying the Three Dollar Dip

This week's Tightline Productions video has me tying the Three Dollar Dip, a great subsurface fly that is a version of the Serendipity.  Both the Serendipity and the $3 Dip originally were tied for use on the Madison River in Southwest Montana; the former, a pattern designed by Ross Marigold, and the latter by Nick Nicklas of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, MT, and named for an access on the Madison River known as the Three Dollar Bridge.  I have fished the fly all over the country with success since first learning about it years ago, and recommend giving them a shot wherever you fish for trout.  I tie them in sizes #16-20, and also in red and caddis green.


Hook: Dai Riki #135 size 16
Bead: Gold 3/32
Thread: 6/0 Brown Danville color #47
Body: Thread - slightly tapered, keep it thin
Rib: Fine gold wire
Wing: Bleached Elk hair

Tie some up and fish them as fits your own style.  I guarantee you will have fun, and its likely you will catch fish on them. And thanks to Tim Flagler for another great video production.

Sharpen your hooks!


Mr. Q said...

I thought that was a "secret" fly when tied like that...:)

Unknown said...

That fly never works, so like don't tie them or anything since, they will never work, like ever..

Matt Grobert said...

DFree - I know, that's why Mr. Q says it's a secret....they don't work. : )