Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tying Matt's Buzzer

Buzzers are nothing new on the other side of the pond, where anglers have been fishing with them for many years to imitate midge larva and pupa, particularly on still waters.   Many anglers in this country know about them but seldom do I run into an angler that fishes them.  Back in 1998 we were fishing the Missouri River in Montana and having seen a fair amount of midge larva in the weed beds, I tied a few buzzers with and without bead heads, basing the imitations on what I recalled seeing in British angling magazines.  The flies worked very well, especially the ones with bead heads.  Since then I have used them all over the country with good success.  I've always coated them with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, but here I've used the Bondic UV resin, which makes for a quick drying, hard shell.      


Hook: Scud #16 -1X heavy
Bead: 1/16" gold
Abdomen: Flat thread - Chartreuse. 
Rib: Krystal flash strand
Thorax: 6/0 Olive Danville
Wingbuds: Red dyed duck quill

The original ones I tied used the duck quill for the wing buds, but I also use red flexi-floss for wing buds wing buds, which makes a smoother thorax.   When I get a chance over the holidays I'll post some pics of the fly tied with other colors and without bead heads.

Sharpen your hooks.

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