Friday, July 31, 2015

Tying the Fur Ant

It's summertime and it is hot, even in the shade.  It may not be very comfortable for us, but for terrestrial insects, this time of the year is perfect.  They are crawling and hopping everywhere - in the trees, the shrubs, grass and fields, crops, and flowers.  And of one the most of abundant of them all is the ant.  We know this, and the trout know this, and on just about any given day ants fall or are blown onto trout streams throughout North America.  With this in mind, it seems that the trout get used to seeing them and feeding on them during the summer months, which is likely why this pattern and other ant imitations work so well not only between hatches but also often during hatches.  Tim Flagler says he often does better with an ant pattern (size #14) during Trico activity than he does with a Trico imitation.  


Hook: TMC 100 #20
Thread: 6/0 Black Danville
Body: Black and cinnamon brown Australian opossum - 3:1 ratio
Hackle: Dark dun

I like the tinge of brown in this dubbing mix for my own use, any black dubbing of your preference works fine.  Also tie some in all cinnamon with brown hackle, and a combination of the two colors with the brown being the abdomen and black for the head.  

Sharpen your hooks!

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