Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trico Parachute Variations

Last week we posted our video on how we tie a Trico Parachute, and a number of readers have asked about variations with respect to the wing.  You can substitute any number of materials for the wing post on this or any other parachute pattern such as poly fibers, antron, zelon, calf body hair, etc., in addition to what we used, EP Trigger Point Fibers.  I like the trigger point fibers because they present a low profile wing that is very visible.  I think it covers the angler for both the duns and the spinners in most situations.  Of course, some of that depends on the angler and his level of confidence in his pattern and how it needs to look to him. Some anglers can only fish a dun if that's what they think is on the water - anything not specifically looking like a dun pattern to them will not give them the confidence they need to fish it.

Here's a Trico parachute with a high wing profile, which will imitate the dun stage quite well.  The wing here is tied with midge grey micro zelon fibers. The hook is a #125 Dai Riki size 22. The abdomen is 6/0 Olive Danville, which better imitates the females of the species, which some anglers need to drill down to to feel confident in their fly selection.  I tie them in both olive and black for shits and giggles, but truthfully, I don't think the trout care in the least.  

Here's a Trico parachute tied with fluorescent orange CDC puffs for the wing, for the hard of sighting angler out there.  They can also be tied using natural or any other color CDC puff to suit your own sensibilities.  This one is tied on a TMC100 size 20.

Those are some options, go wild with your own ideas but not so much so that you loose sight of your objective.....imitating trout foods.

Sharpen your hooks.

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