Sunday, April 26, 2015

Road Trip With A Sweet Ending

Doug and his friends, Bryson, Alex and Rob, went to the US Youth Fly Fishing clinic last weekend in North Carolina and along the way, and on the way back, they fished a bunch of different streams. And when you fish a lot you get better at it, and with that comes rewards.  On the way home, the boys made their last stop at Mossey Creek in Virginia to fish before the last leg of their trip, and as you can see below, Doug was rewarded with a very large brown trout.            

Doug tells me that the rest of the trip was a success for all of them, as they did well at the clinic, which was held on the Nantahala River, and at the other rivers they fished.  One of them was the South Holston in Tennessee, which Doug tells me I "have to fish!"  So now I have the Nantahala and South Holston on my to fish list.

Sharpen your hooks.

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