Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Day On the Musconetcong River

With the South Branch being as low as it is and the Musky fishing so well, it was an easy choice today as to where we would fish.  There were four of us today, Vincent, Chris, and his friend Mike. We fished the same water that Vinnie and I fished last weekend, and although the fishing wasn't as frantic as it was last Sunday, we all caught fish and had a good time.  

We had hoped to see some hendricksons hatching, but they didn't show.  The dark grannoms did though, and in very good numbers.  Caddis emergers, soft hackles, and iris caddis fished below the surface all took fish.  I saw one fish rise, but that was it, so the dries stayed in our boxes.  Most of the trout in the stretch we fished are stocked, and with the cold water it seems they are in no hurry to start rising to bugs even though there were plenty of caddis on the water today.

Over on the South Branch, I got word that the hendricksons are hatching there, not in big numbers, but enough to bring fish up to the surface.  There are also good numbers of dark grannoms coming off there as well.  It should be noted that this river has been lower than the Musky this spring, thus the water temperatures have been higher. Not much, but enough that it has made a difference.

Sharpen your hooks!


Mr. Q said...

Why wasn't I invited? :)

Matt Grobert said...

If you weren't invited, why were you there? :)