Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Few Photos

Since it's been all work and no play recently, I thought I'd post a few photos.  Despite not having fished of late, I have been tying everyday (night), as usual.  Here's a bunch of Ausable Wullfs in #12 and 14, I tied for a well-known fly fishing artist.  Seems he and his girlfriend have been using them with great success and they now have only one fly between them......really none, since I have the last fly they had - I was asked to copy it precisely.

Last Saturday evening I was at a friend's for dinner, and afterwards, Laurel pulled out a bunch of her late husband's tackle to show the fly anglers among us.  He mostly fished for salmon and trout in the U.K., and most of the tackle reflected that, but there were a few gems for trout in the mix.  Here's a vintage Hardy "Perfect" fly reel that is "perfect" for trout.

And here's a vintage metal fly box - they don't make them like they used to - no plastic on this one.

And finally, here's the newest in fly anglers.

I'm taking a few days off after today to get in some serious fishing - work is overrated!

Sharpen your hooks!


Mr. Q said...

Love the classic flies in the box!!!!
and the kid is laughing at you, were you casting or spinning dubbing? ;)

Brk Trt said...

Love those Ausable Wulffs
The little angler looks like he caught the big one.

Anonymous said...

Those Hardy reals are something special. Heavy as hell, but keepers for sure. I recently wound a brand new line on a Hardy's Lightweight (+-1940's?) which I still use with my 3 weight. I reckon it will still be going when that little guy retires: the built them strong!