Friday, July 18, 2014

Rainbow Trout Eating Mice Patterns: Colorado

Since I'm still up to no good and not posting regularly here, here's a cool video of some folks fishing for rainbows with surface mouse patterns.  

The other evening I was admonished by a young lady for having too many large "gaps" between posts here over the last couple of months, and that getting a new job was not an excuse.  I didn't argue, after all, what is a new job? Isn't it the same thing you were doing before, only that its being done somewhere else?  Not by a long shot.......

Anyway, we'll see what we can do to up the post count with original material.  Hopefully, I can start by getting out on the water this weeknd and casting a line and maybe even landing a few fish.  There's plenty of water in the streams and the Tricos should be out and about in the mornings, and evenings should bring out the usual summer fare of caddis, light cahills, drakes and Isonychias.  Of course, this is the time of the year to take water temps if you fish in the afternoon into dark.  Carry a thermometer, use it, and don't fish for trout if the water is at 70 degrees or higher.

This has been a public service announcement from trout central.

Sharpen your hooks.

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