Monday, March 31, 2014

Upper South Branch of the Raritan River Trout Stocking

Due to an outbreak of of a fish disease at the Pequest Hatchery, the Upper South Branch of the Raritan river is not going to be stocked by the state this spring from the river's source in Budd Lake downstream to the lower end of the Ken Lockwood Gorge - some 20 or so miles of river. This stretch of the river is home to wild brown, brook and rainbow trout, and the state does not want to infect these wild fish by introducing trout that may be diseased.  This stretch of water, particularly the Ken Lockwood Gorge, is one of the state's most popular trout fly fishing destinations owing to good hatches and plenty of access.

Thanks to Shannon's Fly and Tackle Shop in Califon, and other local merchants, and many individuals, this stretch of water will be stocked this spring with trout from a private hatchery. Shannon's has set up a link on their website to take donations, and many area merchants have donation boxes on their counters. Here's a short video Tightline Productions has produced on the campaign.



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Mr. Q said...

You really gotta love the effort those guys put in to that river....

Thanks...There is a jar at the shop for donations too..