Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Warming Up and Catching Up

Things have been a little slow around here, I know.  The water in our rivers and streams is too hard to fish it, so much so that you can literally walk across the slower sections.  We had a great show this past weekend at Somerset - thank you everyone that for stopped by and said hi.  And of course, my first grandchild was born.
Henley Carpenter Reed is doing great, as are his mom and dad, Leigh and Nate.  Henley has to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks as he had surgery shortly after he was born - nothing serious - so I won't be heading down to Charleston until he is home.  He is a beautiful child, just like his mom, and if you look at his hands you can see he will be a fine fly tyer, caster and presenter of those flies to trout.  He also has the look of a fine pilot, just like his dad.  Check it out for yourself if you don't think so, too.  
Being a fly tyer, I guess I'm a grandfeather to a 19.5" 5lb. 7oz. midge.
Sharpen your hooks! 


CMartino said...

Congratulations Matt!

Brk Trt said...

Congrats Matt.
Has a fly rod been purchased yet?

Mr.Q said...

Congrats Matt...at the very least he is one lucky boy to not look like YOU!!!!!

Micah said...

Exciting! IT's going to be a busy summer for you!

GSFeder said...

Congratulations, Matt. Enjoy all the moments. He'll be a dun in no time! It was nice to meet you in Somerset.

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you at Somerset, and thanks again for the awesome seminar on Dry Flies and Emergers. I took a ton of notes and can't wait to try out the Iris Caddis on the water!

Congrats on the beautiful grandson - he's a lucky boy with a lot of fun-filled days on the stream ahead of him!