Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tying Mathew's Zelon MIdge

Happy New Year everyone!  We're going to start the year off with a tying video, this one a midge pattern originated by Craig Mathew's of Blue Ribbon Flies fly shop located in West Yellowstone, MT.  Over the last few decades, Craig has designed many effective, easy to tie trout flies, many of which have become my go-to patterns on trout streams all over the country.
I tie this fly slightly different from Craig in that I use Australian opossum for the thorax, and I split the strand of Zelon to get a sparser trailing shuck and wings.  Craig use his Zelon dubbing for the thorax, which is a mix of rabbit and Zelon, which gives a spikier thorax than the opossum. And he uses a full strand of Zelon for the shuck and wings.  Tied either way, the fly is a very effective imitation.  Tie them which ever way appeals to your sensibilities, and fish them.     
And finally, I would like to thank Tim and Joan Flagler of Tightline Productions for another great year of making tying videos.  The process is truly a pleasure as not only do we love what we are doing while we are making the video, we always manage to get into talking about some facet of fly fishing or fly tying where we learn something new.    
Sharpen your hooks!    

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