Friday, July 12, 2013

Take Two - Tying the Sulphur Soft Hackle

Last year I tied my version of a mayfly soft hackle emerger in a video produced by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. In that video, I tied a Sulphur emerger using materials and the tying techniques that I use to tie the fly.   In this video, Tim ties his version of a Sulphur soft hackle, using different materials and tying techniques, to produce the essentially the same pattern that looks slightly different due to the use of different materials.   The end result is the same; an effective pattern that can be fished deep, on the swing, or as we (Tim and I) often like to fish it, as a dry right in the film. 
The bottom line is this: there are many different methods of tying flies, none of them are right or wrong, so tie your flies using whatever methods and materials work for you.  You may find that Tim's methods work well for you, or you may find that mine work well for you, or you may find that a combination of the two works best for may even have your own methods for creating this pattern.  Either way, have at it and have fun doing it.

Here's Tim tying his Sulphur Soft Hackle.

Nice job, Tim.  And thanks for the shout out!

If you want to see how I tie this pattern, click here - Soft Hackled Mayfly Emerger.  This is the same pattern I caught the big wild brown I posted about here on May 17, only on that fly I used medium Australian Opossum for the thorax.

Let's hope we get some cooler temperatures here in the Northeast so we can get out on the stream and fish!

Sharpen your hooks.

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Lester Kish said...

Another nice tying video and useful tips. Thanks.